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Practices Of Cadastral Surveys And Hydrographic Survey

cadastral surveys

For any particular region, city, country, state, village or town development or redevelopment requires proper topological analysis which is conducted under expert supervision. This traditionally was done through conventional uses of manual calculation methods, however, nowadays, high quality and accurately optimized instruments are employed for the geographical estimations of land and water area. This type of assessment related to land and earth parts are referred as cadastral surveys. On the other hand, similar type of approach if involved in the depiction of physical parameters of under-water premises is called as hydrographic survey. These surveys are coordinated in almost every other area which is important for the social and economic success of a nation or even a small owned land. This helps in mapping the land under construction, excavation and renovation, also ensuring the legalities of work on the area. A cadastral map preserves the official map of land as well as sub-division which can be either in ownership of the administration or the legal landlord. With respect of water area, hydrographic aspects determined help to make marine construction possible.

Value of cadastral surveys

Land is defined as the surface area occupied on earth. Land analysis is mandatory before any type of prior construction as well as important in respect of maintaining the record regarding the originality, fertility, chemical composition and legalities of the area. This can be done through performing cadastral surveys and resulting all the calculation and theoretical observations into maps to form cadastral maps. From land dimensions, position of relative objects and buildings on it, improvement and accuracy of land can all be determined to be kept in files through cadastral surveys. More than construction, such surveys are necessary for land transfer, planning and management of land by the administration, government or the owner.

There are many different conditions and circumstances under which cadastral surveys are conducted which can be termed as partitioning, parceling, property claiming, land consolidation and road applications. Value and tax applied on the land property can also be calculated and finalized by earth parametric analysis. Cartographic records are not only for the admins but also available for the public look before the purchase, rent or sale of any type of land property. Thus, cadastral survey is often recommended before any residential and most importantly commercial occupation of any land. 

Consideration for hydrographic survey

The navigation area for the hydrographic survey is particularly near or related to watery parts of earth like oceans, lakes, rivers, sea and their physio-chemical analysis performance. This is very in-depth determination as it covers the above water area as well as the under-water and associated parts of the water shore and line. The instruments used in the under-water analysis are also more upgraded than in any other survey involving sensors laser beams, scanners, sound speed profilers, water level measuring tools, depth, water density and GPS for determination for site and location beneath etc. Hydrographic survey carries out the water pressure observation by the use of barometer which is helpful in addressing the issues of tide or over water flow casualties.

For such type of hydrographic survey, calibration and estimation to be used as controls are already set and the water recordings are compared with them to evaluate the water level conditions. This type of numerical or practical records are not attained once but are kept in files in terms of intervals to get the water analysis for longer time with small breaks. Minimum and maximum value of each type of depth, density, line and water tide and life is a part of the overall hydrographic survey, as these are essential to report to the administration body for under-water evaluation. The water analysis is as important as earth analysis as it keeps an update about earth physical and chemical condition.


Cadastral surveys are done to assess land state by applying physical, chemical and soil analysis over a particular assigned region which cans either by a residential or commercial property. It helps to evaluate the current state of land and drew comparison with the former situation. Likewise, the hydrographic survey is applicable for under-water and in-depth analysis of water bodies. For More Information Please Visit :